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Dr. Qasim’s Articles

Dr. Qasim’s Articles

Ask the experts

When it comes to questions about your eyes, we strongly recommend you ignore Google and turn to our panel instead.

I have da rk circles under my eyes. I have tried using some concealer to hide it, but after a few hours cracks appear on the skin. How I can hide my da rk circles without getting a pasty look?”


Paed Meet 2011




11 March 2011: Not What The Doctor Ordered

Zahra, a 30-year-old software engineer was experiencing a tingling sensation in her arms and stiffness in her muscles. She was advised to see a physiotherapist, and a set of home exercises and medication were recommended. While she took the medicine regularly, she stopped going for physiotherapy sessions after a while. Result: her problem worsened.

16 July 2010: A New Vision

Nawab Ali, 57, couldn’t conceal his excitement. He was jubilant and sported a broad smile as he strutted through the doors of the Imperial Healthcare Institute at Dubai Healthcare City for a subsequent check-up, less than 24 hours after his orbital implantation surgery.

18 June 2009: The Truth About Lasik

There are many misconceptions about Lasik eye surgery. But thanks to advances in medical technology, undergoing one is relatively simple and safe. Zainab Mansoor clears up some blurry myths.







Executive Middle East- 2010 to 2011

As the belated four day storm hit the country this week, one thought was on the mind of many: will Lebanon’s ski slopes be open this weekend? The answer, in brief, is yes — and excitement levels are palpable as business owners and consumers alike rush to take advantage of what might be the only…