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Center for Sight

Perfect vision at any age. With our advanced technology and expertise, get glasses-free vision.



The Eyelid Clinic

  • Ptosis
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Lid Retraction
  • Chalazion



ALA Award:
Best Eye Care Clinic
of the Year 2015

Imperial Healthcare Institute Dubai receives ‘Best Eye Care Clinic of the Year’ at the 5th Asian Leadership Awards 2015



Multifocal Cataract Treatment

This surgery involves removal of the eyes natural lens due to the development of opacification or cloudiness. This is known as cataract and over time can lead to loss of vision.



Botulinum toxin and Fillers

Botulinum toxin Cosmetic treatment can dramatically improve your facial wrinkles. Today, it is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States.



Removal of Eye Bags

Bags under the eyes are a common sign of ageing and usually presents as minor puffiness or swelling below the eyes.



Diabetic Eye Treatment

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which your blood glucose or sugar levels are very high. Uncontrolled levels pose a risk to associated heart, kidney, and eye disorders.



Watery / Dry Eye Treatment

This is a surgical procedure carried out at the Lacrimal punctum, in order to restore the drainage of tears in one or both eyes. Tears produced help to moisten the eyes and keep them clean and lubricated.



Childrens Eye Care

Highly specialized Children’s Eye Service including complex Squint/Strabismus management, premature baby screening.



Skin Laser Rejuvenation

Skin damage can occur due to various factors such as age, emotional stress, sun tan, and acne. Laser skin resurfacing treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin.



HD vision with ICL Implants

HD (High Definition) Vision refers to sharper, clearer vision with greater depth and dimension. HD vision is an enhanced quality of vision found with Visian ICL.



Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape.




SupraLIFT™ a noninvasive procedure to achieve the similar results as blepharoplasty surgery and suitable for men and women.


Imperial Healthcare Institute is a center for clinical excellence located in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). The Institute aims to provide the highest international standards in clinical care delivered by world class physicians and surgeons in a professional atmosphere of confidentiality and trust...      Read More

Imperial Healthcare Institute is a center for healthcare excellence located in the heart of Dubai.

It aims to provide the highest international standards of healthcare delivered by world class multi-specialty clinicians in a professional and purpose-built facility.

Imperial specializes in all areas of Ophthalmology, Aesthetic services, General Practice and Anaesthesia.


  • Best Eye Care Clinic of the Year 2015

  • Imperial Healthcare’s Eminent Eye Surgeon Restores Road Accident Victim’s Future

The Imperial Healthcare Institute, a Dubai-based center of excellence in eye care, is in the focus of media attention after the most recent achievement of its eminent eye specialist and medical director, Professor Dr. Vinod Gauba.

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Patients’ Experiences

  • "My visit to the clinic has always been a very lovely one. Staff are excellent, professional and warmly. They make you feel the care about you and interact very well..."
    - J A

  • "Dr. Guba performed a minor surgery to tighten my eyelids and the effect was almost immediate. My eyes are much healthier due to better hydration & irritation has dropped significantly my eyes are more comfy now."
    - A D
  • "Just had follow-up appointment with Dr. gauba and as always, very warm, professional and friendly welcome, amazing consultation and great advice to go back with and to maintain high quality of vision. Very happy to have chosen Dr. Gauba for my eye surgery and definitely recommending to friends and family. Feels great!"
    - Ainze
  • "We were referred by another doctor and have been very impressed with the service and attention provided. The staff were friendly and helpful and Dr. Gauba is amazing! He’s so kid friendly and made my daughter feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you ver much for your wonderful care and service and we will most definitely recommend your institute to our friends!!"
    - A F
  • "I had surgery 6months ago and it was great. Thanks Dr. gauba, you gave me another life because without eyes, we are dead. So thanks Dr. Gauba."
    - A K
  • "Upper eyelid surgery to take off folded skin. The procedure was excellent and professionally performed. The difference in my vision is AMAZING! Staff & doctor are very attentive and helpful. I would highly recommend the Imperial Health to anyone & the procedure to those in need. Very happy with the result."
    - B H
  • تهنئه وشكر خاص
    مركز امبريال الطبي نشكر لكم جهودكم الطيبه خلال العمل الجراحي لي وعنايتكم الفائقه لجميع مرضي مركزكم والقيام بتقديم الدعم المعنوي لهم ونخص بالشكرالدكتور / فينود جوبا والفريق الطبي المساعد
    محمد زبير الخوري
  • شكر خاص إلي دكتور /جوبا علي إجراء العمليه لي ومتابعته لي وشكر لفريقه الطبي وعلي حسن مركز إمبريال الطبي في فن التعامل والضيافه مع المرضي وعائلاتهم .
    مروان المرزوقي
  • شكر الدكتور فينود جوبا علي الاهتمام والرعايه الصحيه لنا واتمني لك التوفيق
    هما أحمد الزرعوني