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Dr. Gauba’s Articles

Executive middle east

Drawn to The Desert

The United Arab Emirates has coveted for itself an image of unrivaled opulence, with few rivals on Planet Earth. Dubai put a massive exclamation mark on this sentiment at the beginning of 2010 with the spectacular opening ceremony of the Burj Khalifa, which boasts the world’s highest observation deck, the highest number of stories, highest occupied floor and the tallest service elevator in the world.

Diet Confessions of a Work Out Gear Queen

There are dark, puffy bags under my eyes – is there anything you can do to make me look well-rested again?

There’s a common eye surgery called lower lid blepharoplasty that essentially removes bags and excess fat from the eyelid area. When performed correctly, it can make you look younger and fresher. Now it’s all done using lasers and it takes about 20 minutes. The recovery time for a simple blepharoplasty is about three to fi ve days. Following surgery you will have some bruising in the area although this should heal within a week. Patient selection is really important. I don’t entertain people asking to look like a particular celebrity – people should come to me wanting to look fresher and that’s it. If you don’t go to a professional specialist, the side-effects can be horrifi c. Patients have come to me after botched operations, and some are almost unable to close their eyes while others are on the verge of losing their sight. It’s so important this operation is performed correctly the fi rst time so do thorough research before going ahead and remember to see before and after photos and ask to speak to a former patient.

Ask the experts

When it comes to questions about your eyes, we strongly recommend you ignore Google and turn to our panel instead.

I have da rk circles under my eyes. I have tried using some concealer to hide it, but after a few hours cracks appear on the skin. How I can hide my da rk circles without getting a pasty look?”