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Chalazion Surgery

You will be asked to report to the Out-Patients Department at Imperial Healthcare from where you will be escorted to the Eye Theatre Suite. Your eyelid will need to be numbed by an anesthetic injection to the area. This will sting initially, but the lid will soon become frozen.

The cyst is removed from the inside of the eyelid – no stitches are necessary, and no scar will be visible. Antibiotic ointment will then be applied, followed by an eye pad.

The pad may be removed after 2 hours, or left overnight for comfort, if felt necessary. You may be given ointment to use in the eye for 3-4 subsequent days.

Often the lid is bruised following the procedure – do not worry, this is normal and will resolve within 2 weeks.

Some people are prone to getting these lumps again. You can help prevent them from re-occurring by using hot compresses on the lids and massaging them in the morning.