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Lipolysis is a nonsurgical injection therapy that removes fatty deposits that are resistant to diet or exercise. It is not a method of weight loss but rather a treatment for body sculpting or contouring. The localized areas of soft fat not targeted by diet and exercise such as the double chin, jowls, upper arm, the inside of the thighs, hip pads (love handles), the back (saddle bags), knees and abdominal area are ideal for lipolysis.

PPC (Phosphatidylcholine- a liquid lecithin product produced from soy beans) is used to inject the superficial fat layer, in this lipolysis procedure. This substance causes the fat cell walls to dissolve, the fat is then eliminated by the body’s metabolic process. By reducing the number of fat cells in the area the amount of fat stored in the area is reduced.

Generally, 2-4 treatments at 6-8 week intervals are ideal for results. Results are not immediate but are evident after 10 weeks. During the treatment, the needles used are very fine so as to minimize discomfort. Immediately after the injection the area becomes warm, red and an uncomfortable prickling sensation is experienced. Swelling begins almost immediately after the treatment and is a normal response. Tenderness, swelling and a general numbness in the area can last a few days. Patients can return to their daily duties after treatment, without the need of special clothing or apparatus.

Following lipolysis, the fat cells that have been dissolved do not return. This means that the fat deposits concerned are permanently reduced. Provided your weight remains the same and a positive lifestyle is maintained the results of the lipolysis treatment should also remain the same.