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Dr. Tina Eckert

Dr. Tina Eckert
Dr. Tina Eckert

M.D., PhD
German Board Ophthalmologist (Facharzt)

  • Member of German Ophthalmological Society (DOG)
  • Member of Association of Ophthalmologists (Berufsverband der Augenärzte, BVA)
  • Member of Berlin-Brandenburgische Augenärztliche Gesellschaft, BBAG
  • Member of European VitreoRetinal Society (EVRS)
  • Graduated from the Medical School Hanover, Germany in 2007 (grade: 1.49)
  • Residency in Germany at University eye hospital Marburg (vitreoretinal training under Prof. Dr. Kroll and Prof. Dr. Mennel, cornea training and refractive surgery under Prof. Dr. Sekundo) and at Schlosspark clinic Berlin (glaucoma training under Prof. Dr. Erb, vitreoretinal- surgery, cataract and strabismus surgery training under Dr. Niederstadt)
  • Vitreoretinal Consultant Ophthalmologist in one of the leading eye clinics in Berlin/Brandenburg, also performing and supervising cataract surgeries (over 1000 cases/ year)

Surgical expertise

  1. Vitreoretinal surgery (retinal detachment, macular pucker, diabetic vitreoretinal diseases)
  2. Intravitreal injections
  3. Cataract surgery using multifocal and toric intraocular lenses
  4. Minor eyelid and pterygium surgery
  5. Laser treatment for retinal diseases
  6. Anterior segment laser treatment for glaucoma and PCO

Dr. Tina Eckert is a German Board Ophthalmologist and she worked 10 years in leading hospitals in Germany before she relocated to Dubai with her family in 2017.