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I heard from a friend that you guys have the new fat loss laser treatment – is that safe? do the results last?

  • The new fat loss treatment with laser combines 3 extensively studied technologies in one system. a) radiofrequency which is effective in enhancing body metabolism b)lipolaser which is highly effective in non invasive (no needle) liquifaction of fat and excretion thorough body c)vaccum pressure which enhances blood circulation and enhances shaping of body. It is totally non invasive , so its extremely safe option. Results are immediate with no down time. Because no medications are given along with treatment ,results last as long as one continues healthy lifestyle.
  • The Powershape non-invasive laser lipolysis technology we use at Imperial has been shown to be a safe option to contour trouble areas with immediate results and no downtime. However it should ideally be used as part of an overall health, fitness and diet regime.

What treatements are ye doing for fat loss on face and refreshing the look? Well I`m mid 50 ies and have what I would describe as a tired look. Would ike to have face tightened up and a refreshed look but not surgery. What methods are ye using?

We now have a full range of treatments which can significantly help refresh or rejuvenate your skin without any surgery. These range from simply relaxing wrinkles and smoothing lines; tightening facial skin using our signature Pelleve RF treatments through to Pearl fractional laser treatment which essentially refreshes the skin whilst firming up collagen with excellent results and minimal downtime. Results are all scientifically proven and we have plenty of pre- and post- treatment photos so you can see the results for yourself!

I am interested in Laser Eyelid Surgery to remove excess skin from my upper lids. Please can you explain the procedure, after effects and down time?

This procedure involves customised sculpting of your upper lids to give you the look and result you desire. It is generally performed very comfortably at Imperial under local anaesthesia with ultrasophisticated laser and RF technology to trim excess skin/muscle along with sculpting fat (if necessary). In the hands of an oculoplastic sub-specialist, the surgery is performed in a manner that leaves no visible scars with a natural aesthetic and functional result. Sometimes the procedure is combined with fractional skin laser to tighten the surrounding area. Downtime, with good pre- and post-care, is often limited to 5 days.

I am interested for a Lasik Surgery. How much would it cost? Do you have finance scheme fro this?

LASIK surgery is only advised if it is suitable for you and if we can be confident that you will get an excellent long-term result. Cost depends on which treatment, if any, is recommended by the surgeon. Our LASIK specialists will give you ethical and clear advice after a no obligation assessment.

What is the difference between Upper Lid Blephasoplasty and Droopy Eyelid repair. How would I know which treatment is suitable for me? For your Endoscopic Midface Lifting, how is the procedure? Please enlighten me the cost and recovery.

Upper lid blepharoplasty is where the excess skin +/- muscle in the upper eye lid is removed, often with a laser. Droopy eyelid repair is usually due to a weakness in the muscle which elevated the upper lid; this usually requires a procedure which tightens this muscle which can be performed externally or internally. In some instances, both of the above are required in the same individual.

My right eyebrow is visibly lower than the left one and thought it would be beneficial to have a brow and forehead lift. Could you please advise on the expected costs to have the mentioned procedure?

Brow asymmetry can certainly be addressed by a brow and/or forehead lift often performed endoscopically (ie. with no visible scar). Alternatively it may also be corrected non-surgically. This really depends on the nature and extent of the asymmetry.

I'm 40 years old and would like to have my under eye skin tightend, i dont have a problem of bags just wrinkley loose skin which i think is making me look older! what treatment would you recomend i have tried fraxel laser but am now thinking of some kind of surgery what would that involve if i choose surgery!!

The surgical option is performed with an extremely fine laser incision which is placed just adjacent to the lashes on the lower lid making it virtually invisible. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. We often also combine this with Pearl fractional skin laser to further improve skin texture, quality and elasticity.

Are you guys doing anything for hair transplant surgery

We are shortly going to introduce hair implantation technology in the UAE. This originates from france and is highly successful at addressing hair thinning or baldness WITHOUT ANY SURGERY and with long lasting results. Please contact us for more details.

I am wearing glasses for last 15 years for minus 7 and minus 8. Could you please let me know the options available with the cost for procedure which will enable me to see without glasses regards

At the eye power you have mentioned the options could be laser based or a very popular alternative is a fully customised ICL (implantable collamer lens) procedure. Both are performed at Imperial by our experts. Details on the laser options can be found on www.supralasik.com and for the icl procedure on www.iclinfo.info

I lost my left eye in the childhood life and now i can,t see any thing with this eye actually when this accident happened with me that time so much bleeding come out in my eye now i want to fit artificial lense but he look like natural what should i do plz tell me now i want to take some artificial par mint lenses fit to my eye but he look like natural becoz now my eye colour is very horbil

We do a complete prosthetic eye service at imperial where the artificial eye is hand made and painted to look and feel as close to a normal eye as possible. Our team is highly skilled in this area and the whole process can be complete within the course of 1 day. Please contact us to schedule.

I am 55 years old and had been having eyebags for the past 5 years. Please advise me about the procedure of eyebag removal and the expenses it entail.

The procedure of eye bag removal is very personalised for each individual. It depends which layers of the lower eye lid need the most help to eliminate the eyebag. The treatments could range from simple lower lid skin laser tightening or lower lid laser fat reduction through to excess skin removal and lid tightening.

I am vry much interestd in d power shpe4 d upper and lower waist..kindly inform me abt approx price of it

We have several packages for the powershape body contouring at extremely competitive prices. Please contact us for more details.

I want laser eye surgery do u have any facility @ your hospital please let me know.

We have over 25 different types of lasers in our facility including pioneering technologies not available anywhere else in the country. Our treatment solutions are customised for each individual and we are very clear and ethical in advising against a treatment if it is not safe or advisable for you. The assessment process is approximately 1.5 hours during which several tests and scans are performed followed by examination by our experts. We can then guide you appropriately for what solution would work best for you.

I have a bags under my eyes, they make me look tired and older. Would Dr. Gauba do the lower eye lift with skin pinch? And do you do the incision inside the eye?

There are several techniques surgical and non-surgical to correct eye bags. If it is simply fat protrusion then an internal laser technique can remove the bags within 20 minutes with no visible scar. The first step is to establish what is best suited for you. Good luck.

Could you please explain the procedure in Spra lasik, is it the same as epi LASEK?

Please visit www.supralasik.com where the differences are explained. Feel free to email me on drgauba@imperialhealth.org if you have further queries.

I heard a lot of good things about your clinic… just want to ask regarding eye bag… treatment … approximate cost?

There are several surgical and non-surgical options to correct eye bags. Our expert oculo-plastic surgeon Dr Gauba will evaluate what is most suited for you and then we can give you clear and detailed pricing. Please call 04 4393737 for more information.