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Computerized Skin Analysis System

The skin is the largest organ of the body which functions to cover and protect you from the outer elements. Skin helps in the regulation of body temperature and permits the sensation of touch. The skin is prone to various changes such as acne, infection, roughness or dryness, dullness, visible pores, sun burns, etc. These are mainly caused due to the ageing process and exposure to harmful elements in the environment. Skin analysis is a valuable diagnostic tool used to evaluate skin condition.

A computerized skin analysis system is a novel procedure that helps in identification of skin texture, acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, aging of skin and other skin problems to help your physician determine the best treatment approach for you.

Computerized skin analysis involves the use of fluorescence spectroscopy to reveal details of your skin that are not visible to the naked eye. Photographic images of the skin are viewed on a computer screen to help your doctor assess your skin condition. The results of the analysis can then be printed for your reference. Based on the results of the analysis, the doctor determines the best treatment option for you.

Derma Vision Pro Skin Analyzer is a modern digital photography imaging system employed for the analysis of facial skin lesions. It provides specialized images such as cross polarization images (CPI is an image without reflected light to analyze between the dermis and epidermis layers), parallel polarization images (PPI is an image with reflected light to analyze the epidermis) and UV images (to analyze the condition of pores and the degree of moisture on the face) by a unique skin color analysis system. Derma Vision provides qualitative and quantitative information to your doctor with before & after image analysis function. The analyzer provides high-resolution images with brilliant color information.

Derma Vision analyzer is a portable instrument, easy to set-up and user friendly. It is used to verify skin tone and skin pigmentation. It is also used to analyze darkened areas of skin such as birthmarks, scars, blemishes, dark circles, freckles, acne, flushing, etc. Age related problems such as wrinkles and pores are well evaluated with this procedure.

A skin area on the left, right and front of the face is selected for the analysis. CPI is used to analyze the red and black skin diseases such as port-wine stains, pimples, flushing, dark spots, pores and speckles. PPI is used for the diagnosis of skin surface features such as wrinkles and scars. UV imaging is a very powerful tool for identifying bacterial skin disease, hyper or hypo pigmentation, pore condition, and hydration/dehydration of skin.

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