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HD Vision with ICL Implants

HD (High Definition) Vision refers to sharper, clearer vision with greater depth and dimension. HD vision is an enhanced quality of vision found with Visian ICL.

Implantable collamer lens or ICL implant, called by its manufacturer Visian ICL is a soft, flexible gel-lens used in refractive surgeries for the permanent correction of myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness). The lens is made of a collagen copolymer material. The ICL procedure is a popular alternative to LASIK and PRK since it requires no removal of the corneal tissue and reportedly may produce better visual results in certain cases. An additional advantage of the ICL is that they are a potentially reversible procedure.

Indications for Visian ICL include:

  • Individuals with thin corneas
  • Dry eyes
  • Individuals with low to extremely high refractive errors

The ICL procedure is a type of outpatient refractive surgery performed by a highly specialised and ICL certified ophthalmologist in which the ICL is placed inside the eye via a keyhole type procedure, where it resides permanently. The ICL requires no maintenance after the procedure and provides consistently clear vision. The ICL procedure can provide long-term freedom from eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In order to establish your suitability for this procedure, a detailed evaluation will need to be taken place by the ICL surgeon himself. You will then be advised if this is the best treatment option for you or not. Any potential risks or complications that may apply to you will also be discussed in great detail.

Here at Imperial Healthcare, we have a long and successful history with ICL procedures. Due to our high confidence in this technology, even some of our surgeons have undergone the procedure themselves with excellent results!

Feel free to ask for testimonials of other ICL patients to learn about their experience.